+1 907-401-3144 seakdrones@gmail.com
+1 907-401-3144 seakdrones@gmail.com

About Us

We Are SEAKdrones, LLC

Integrity    *     Service     *     Experience

SEAKdrones,  LLC –   Southeast Alaska Drones,   FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot, commercial drone service company since 2017. We are the premier Southeast Alaska drone company. We are Veteran owned and a Hubzone located business.

Our mission is to provide cost effective aerial imagery that improves efficiency, enhances safety, and increases profitability for our clients.

We are your unmanned aerial flight into the future.

On project basis additional visual observers and FAA Part 107 remote pilots are contracted. Please contact us for application form: email seakdrones@gmail.com or call 907.401.3144.

What We Bring to the Table

We partner with our clients

We value strong client communication and are committed to providing excellent service. The 30 years of relatable technical education and job experience in the geosciences, civil and environmental engineering, and natural resource management translates into understanding not just drone capability but your data needs. We speak your “language”. Our aerial imagery meets your needs-your data, your format.

We do projects right

As SE Alaska’s oldest commercial drone service company, we have been accruing experienced commercial drone pilot hours since 2017 with an accident-free safety record. We have project management and contracting experience from small to multi-million dollar projects in federal government (USFS and BLM), military, and private environmental engineering firms. We are timely and cost-efficient without cutting corners; we are proven project managers.

We fit the drone to the project

We have five airframe sizes from the small Mavic to the large Matrice. We also carry a variety of sensors: visible (RGB), thermal, and multispectral. No surprises and no compromises, we are on time and on budget with our quality deliverables. As consultants, we fit the right drone to your project and budget, not the project to our drone and our budget.

We deliver on our commitments

Our mission is to provide our clients with cost effective aerial imagery that improves efficiency, enhances safety, and increases profitability for our clients

Integrity * Service * Experience.

We are Southeast Alaska’s Premier Drone Services.

Think SEAKdrones! We are THE solution.

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