Mission Statement

SEAKdrones, LLC Mission Statement

SEAKdrones LLC provides commercial, small unmanned aerial system (sUAS/drone) support to real estate, construction, natural resources, insurance, and advertising sectors. We also are available to collaborate and consult on your special projects.

Our mission is to provide our clients with cost effective aerial imagery that improves efficiency, enhances safety, and increases profitability. We focus on client needs.

SEAKdrones LLC has staff with extensive experience in natural resource management and environmental project management. The SEAKdrones LLC team include professionals with degrees and certifications in: forestry, silviculture, geosciences, civil engineering, and meteorology. Our staff also includes a former Alaska licensed real estate salesperson.

SEAKdrones LLC is compliant with all Federal Aviation Administration requirements for commercial sUAS operations. We are licensed and insured.

Header image: Historic salmon cannery in Craig (formerly “Fish Egg”), Alaska. (D. Sylvia, Mavic Pro, ISO 197, ss 1/950, f. 2.5, 11/11/2017)