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SYLVIA, Dennis A.

Dennis has over 25 years experience in natural resource and environmental compliance management. Recently he retired from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) where he last served as a field manager in northern California and Nevada and earlier served as an Associate District Manager in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and California.

While at the BLM, he was responsible for a broad spectrum of land management programs including archaeology, botany, engineering, fisheries biology, forestry/silviculture, geology, invasive species, law enforcement, oil and gas/oil shale development, range management, wildlife biology, wild horses and burros, and fire management.

Prior to joining the BLM, Dennis spent several years as a Zone Planner in the Tongass National Forest where he was responsible for the development and execution of large federal projects as well as supervising the preparation of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance documents.

For 5 years prior to entering federal service, he was the Environmental Service Manager for one and a Senior Technical Project Manager for another national environmental engineering firm. He developed and managed projects in the US as well as Japan, Korea, Guam, and Okinawa.

Dennis retired from the US Air Force in 1995, where he spent his last 5 years as a project officer at the Air Force’s Armstrong Laboratory’s Bioenvironmental Engineering Division managing in-house and contracted environmental projects in the contiguous US, Alaska, Hawaii, Greenland and elsewhere.

Early in his military career, he served as a US Coast Guard aircrewman on helicopters and fixed wing aircraft where he participated in numerous routine patrols and SAR missions.

Dennis also worked as a production geologist for Exxon Company, USA in the 1980’s.


FAA Certified Remote Pilot

Licensed Realtor (Alaska)


PhD     Geosciences               University of Texas at Austin
MS       Civil Engineering     University of Texas, San Antonio
MS       Geosciences               University of Arizona, Tucson

BS        Geology                    Arizona State University, Tempe

Professional Certification

Aviation Meteorology  Texas A&M University College Station/Air Force Institute of Technology