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Drones In Wildlife Conservation

Guest Article by Amanda Shaffer of Advexure    ( The use of drone technology has proven very useful in wildlife conservation. Numerous wildlife scientists have turned to drones as their source of data collection to monitor habitat changes in parcels of land. And create 3D models of vegetation […]

Sort Yard Aggregate

Aerial (drone) surveying leverages drones to capture geo-tagged imagery of the stockpile and its immediate surroundings. Once the geotagged photos have been gathered from multiple angles, with high degrees of overlap (70-80 percent sidelap and frontlap), they are uploaded into software that then uses photogrammetry to generate a […]

Reasons Why Using Drones Makes Good Sense

Drones are designed to be used in a wide field of disciplines; photography and cinemetography (films, photos for brochures, websites, eco-tourism,etc.) conservation  (identify decay or infestations on totems. identifying archeological sites,etc) environmental (counting eggs from cliff side nests, water sampling, monitoring invasives, contamination cleanups, documenting status of natural […]