Consulting/Quote Request Preparation

Being Prepared Translates to Optimal Use of Time

The information described in section below our logo will be used by SEAKdrones for initial research in proparation for our free consultation or request for drone services quote. If not entered and your goal is a quote/consultation the project information below will help considerably.

  • Contact information is required.
  • The optional fields including the message box are useful preparing for the consultation (Question / Request / Additional Project Information)
  • If you have the information on hand, any information requested that does not have a field can be relayed in the message field.
  • If there is a website with the project information, please list the website.

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Your organization

Knowing whether the project is a state DOT, environmental firm, or road building/construction company is informative.

Your Website

Does your organization have a website/webpage with project information?

Project location

The location information can be the address or range of addresses including city and borough, zip. Additional types of location information include GPS coordinates, map with identifying information including block and lot numbers, or other location information. Likewise there may be multiple locations involved in the project.

Project area

The size of the project area is an important factor in drone services planning.

Project access or terrain

Is the location only accessible by boat or bush plane? Or is there a well defined right-of-way leading to and on the project area?.

Projected or estimated timeline or project start/end date

Known or estimated start/end project date.

Project deliverables

Your organization may have defined project deliverables either in sensor specifics or in generalities.. We collect a large amount of data that with third party software can create added products to benefit your organization and current project (eg.survey grade mapping/survey products, topographics, DEM, DTM, orthomosaics, photogrammetrics, 3D mapping products, inspections, etc).

Preferred Date: Time for consultation

We usually respond in one to two days. If you have a block of time where you can be available please let us know; eg  after 3:00pm AKST Monday, Tuesdays.   We look forward to discussing with you how SEAKdrones can benefit your project!


Questions about our drone services, we are happy to have a conversation with you about the capabilities of our drones and sensors, and the  benefits of using our drone services. SEAKdrones’ unmanned aerial flights are time and cost savings as well as increases safety.

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