Mapping and Google

Drone mapping can produce high-definition images with high relative accuracy. A brief 20-minute flight captured the images needed to produce the orthomosaic of South Thorne Bay’s Davidson Landing public slips shown below.

Drone mapping of your site before development is a cost-effective, actionable planning tool that permits accurate site measurements before you build or possibly before you purchase a property .

Digital surface models (DSM) prepared from drone images of your property can be used to better plan roads, identify building sites, and assess site cut and fill for development-potentially saving time and money. Drone captured images also can be used to prepare a 3D reconstruction of your site allowing you to better visualize planned development.

File outputs can be delivered in several file formats depending upon client requirements (e.g., JPG, GeoTIFF and GeoTIFF DEM (suitable for ArcGIS or QGIS), DXF/SHP [AutoDesk suite], SHP (shapefile), OBJ (3D), LAS [AutoCAD, ArcGIS, etc.], XYZ, PDF, and ZIP).

Drone mapping example. Orthomosaic map of Davidson Landing, Thorne Bay, Alaska overlayed onto Google Maps (Note that the below image’s resolution is reduced for display purposes.)