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Mavic 2 Enterprise: DJI’S Super Drone authored by guest blogger JAKE CARTER

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Drones seem to be getting more advanced with each passing year. Smaller, more compact drones are seeing use in everything from construction to racing. Meanwhile, the drone industry continues to grow, with DJI Innovations at the forefront.

Based in Southern China, DJI accounted for 70% of global drone sales and made $2.7 billion in 2017. In August 2018, they revealed their most advanced drone yet: the Mavic 2 Enterprise. Compact, easy to use, and boasting impressive features, this may be one of the most advanced drones on the market.

Source: Pexels

The first thing you will notice is how small the Enterprise is: according to the DJI website, it weighs 905 grams. Even more impressive is that it can be folded up and stored away when not in use. No hassle about transporting it while worrying about damage.

Its recording software is high-end. The DJI newsroom had this to say about their creation:

Mavic 2 Enterprise carries a high-resolution, 12-megapixel camera that is stabilized by a three-axis gimbal  for smooth, stable video and images. Designed for dynamic operations, the camera extends the pilot’s sense of sight with a 2x optical and 3x digital zoom capability.

The camera comes with optical and digital zooming abilities: the former can reach two times our sight, the digital three times. The drone’s GPS timestamp will ensure that the trail for photos and videos taken will be accurate.
Everything that the drone records in flight is saved on an onboard storage drive with up to 24 GB. Hacking is not a concern, with the entire drone being password protected, including the storage drive. Cnet reports that an additional security measure is what they call a “Local Data Mode,” which blocks the sending of data from the controls. This means that even if the drone is physically taken down, hackers won’t be able to get inside.

DJI installed its latest video/data transmission system, the Ocusync 2.0, to maintain a strong connection between drone and pilot. It can keep its relationship up to five miles from the pilot this way. Moreover, the Enterprise’s onboard software includes omnidirectional sensors that will inform it of obstacles. Should it encounter any danger, it will immediately move to avoid it.

As for the speed and power, the Mavic 2 Enterprise has the energy to spare. It has a top speed of 42 miles per hour and can stay in the air for 31 minutes in total. As a bonus, its battery is self-heating, allowing it to operate in even the coldest regions.

The biggest plus, though, is the ability to mod the drone. DJI even throws in some accessories: a spotlight, a beacon that can be seen up to three miles away, and a speaker that plays voice recordings made with your phone. In short, this little machine is the R2-D2 of drones.

Who is it for?

A drone this advanced does not come cheap. According to DJI, the retail price is $1,999. That includes the drone itself, the remote controller, a battery, accessories, and a protective case. That is a expensive piece of equipment, so a lot of drone-enthusiasts aren’t going to be getting it.

Given its capabilities and price, it seems that DJI is aiming to sell its new creation to large-scale organizations. Their promotional video for the Mavic 2 Enterprise focuses on large, public organizations. The Police, Fire Departments, construction crews, search and rescue, they are all targeted. Additionally, DJI includes case studies of their creation in action.

Search and Rescue

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In 2015, the Mesa Fire and Medical Department was one of the first in Arizona to begin a drone program. The team members are always looking for new ways to help save lives, and the Mavic 2 earned its place in their Technical Rescue Team.

One night, a hiker was out mountain biking at night, when he hit a rock at night and flew over the bars. Searching for someone is hard enough, but doing it at night is even harder. Since the Mavic 2 Enterprise can cover vast distances and has a searchlight, that made finding him much more comfortable.

One thing the Technical Rescue Team responds is swift water calls: people who are in danger from water currents. The Mavic 2 can go where a person cannot, and with its loudspeaker, they can communicate with the victim and tell them what to do.

The Mesa F&D Department praised the Mavic 2 for its features. Dean Morales, a Fire Captain, said this about the Drone:

Drones are incredible tools that can make our rescuers more efficient, simplify some of our tasks and provide affordable protection from the skies. That is a big deal.; We are always looking for a better way to serve our community. With the use of drones, lives are going to be save

Maintenance Tools


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American Airlines is the largest airline company in the world, and they have to put in a lot of
work to maintain their standards. Airplanes must be checked and rechecked for any problems.
That can be very time-consuming and needs several people to complete.

With the Mavic 2 Enterprise, though, this process would not have to take as long. A pilot could
operate a drone from the ground and get as good a view of a plane in a fraction of the time. This
time can be used on analyzing data and maintaining the plane’s health. This could save American
Airlines millions of dollars a year on maintenance.

The same principles can be applied to any critical job that involves maintaining vehicles and
structures. Wear and tear that could take days to locate could be found in a matter of hours and
with less money. The possibilities are immense.


Robert Luo, President of DJI, said the following on the day of the Mavic 2 Enterprise’s

Mavic 2 Enterprise is the world’s most capable commercial drone, purpose-built to
serve the operational needs of our industry partners as well as companies that
are just now preparing to embrace the benefits of drone technology. DJI’s
hardware and software set the standard for aerial innovation around the
globe, and Mavic 2 Enterprise is the most compact, powerful, reliable and safe
tool to help professionals integrate drones into their operations.

With everything shown, Luo’s comments on his company’s creation are justified. The Mavic 2
Enterprise stands poised to be at the forefront of an already profitable industry and could save
money and lives in the years to come.


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