REAL ESTATE:  Why you should hire SEAKdrones to image your property

According to MLS statistics, homes with aerial images sold 68 percent faster than homes with standard images. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 73 percent of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video to market their home. (, 29 January 2018).

Bottom line – greater visibility, faster sale at reasonable cost

1. Individual For Sale By Owner (FSBO) – we will capture aerial images of your property for a basic fee is $150 for 5 aerial stills (price includes processing). Options include additional stills, video(s), video processing, interior images, and web hosting of your listing.

Let’s keep things simple and assume that your property in Craig is sold for $200,000. You pay the realtor a 6% commission (as much as 10% for undeveloped land). The realtor lists your property and, as an example, shows your property 5 times. Is the realtor’s service worth $12,000 to you? Or, would you like to market your property as a FSBO. No one will be more interested or work harder to sell your property than will YOU.

2. Realtors – we will capture aerial images of your property for a basic fee is $150 for 5 aerial stills (price includes processing). Options include additional stills, video(s), video processing, and interior images.

Consider that you begin to incorporate aerial photos and videos into your marketing plan for your listings. If we go off of the statistic above, i.e., that homes sell 68 percent faster when using aerial imagery, and that 73 percent of homeowners prefer to list with an agent who uses video, we can be conservative and say that you could attract 50 percent more listings and, hopefully, close 50 percent more deals. Increasing your 6 transactions annually to 9, which would result in an increase in your annual income of $36,000 in this example. If you hired an insured, FAA certified drone pilot at $150 per property, the cost effectiveness is obvious. The use of drone imagery in SE Alaska and especially on Prince of Wales for real estate marketing is still in its infancy. This is an opportunity for a client-focused realtor to successfully capitalize on a developing technology.

So You Want to Hire a Drone Pilot. What Should You Look For?

1.   FAA-Issued Commercial Drone License
The FAA released new regulations in August of 2016 that required anyone who is using a drone for commercial purposes (defined as anything other than recreation) to hold a “Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small UAS Rating.” If you are going to hire a drone pilot, make sure they have this license. Not only does this ensure that the drone pilots know the rules they need to follow, it protects you from being associated with any illegal operations. The FAA has handed out hefty fines to people flying drones illegally. SEAKdrones is fully compliant with FAA requirements.
2.  Insured
There are a number of insurance options out there for drone pilots. Make sure that your hired drone operator has liability insurance in the event that something goes wrong and they damage that beautiful house you are trying to sell. Standard liability policies cover up to $1,000,000. SEAKdrones uses Verifly for liability insurance.
3.  Equipment
We have professional grade, high tech sensors designed for the job. Our ultra high definition stills and videos are will capture the best your listing has to offer. We utilize commercial post processing software to produce stunning, professional quality products.
4.   Our Guarantee
If you do not like what we produce, we will do a re-shoot. It is that simple.
We are proud of our products.