Cinematography / Photography

Aerial and Interior Photos

Get magazine-quality still photos of places, people, or events. Our photographers fly premium quality drones and will capture images of your subject from virtually any angle. Visit one of our social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to view images.

We are experienced at producing 360 degree panorama and large format panorama using UHD sensors that allow enlargement of stunning images beyond 20 x 30 inches. Our products are especially suitable for acrylic or metallic mounting. These products are ideal for offices, lobbies, or in the home — city harbors, city landscapes, boats, real estate, or favorite places.

We use state of the art VR publishing and panoramic tour authoring platform to provide clients with sophisticated 360-degree virtual reality tours that include multiple media sources, e.g., linked panoramas, stills, sound clips, etc.

SEAKdrones also offers a real estate imaging service, see our real estate services section. We work with realtors as well as with “For Sale By Owner” clients who wish to sell their own property.

3 Simple Steps

  1. Tell us about your project
  2. We’ll coordinate and schedule a flight
  3. Download your high/ultra high definition images and 4K video