Why drone mapping at construction sites?

  • Quality Control
    • Up-to-date site maps and high resolution images of project from beginning to completion
    • Facilitates comparison of planned to as-built
    • Digital jobsite documentation
    • Site context to architects and project managers
    • Reduced safety risks
  • Stakeholder Communication
    • Improved client interaction
    • Accurate invoicing for progress to date payments
  • Improved Productivity, Much Lower Costs, Faster Results
    • Accurate check and documentation of on-site inventory
    • Improved tracking of volumetric earth work, cut and fill progress
      • Minimize labor and equipment rental costs
    • Faster, cheaper, safer site reconnaissance – compared with manned aircraft or ground surveys
    • Improved cost scheduling

Decreased construction costs, better communications and improved site safety

RESULT – greater client satisfaction, a safer job site, and more revenue